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Welcome to our home page.

Angersleigh Alpacas is based on the glorious Somerset levels. Here we farm our beloved alpacas, and continue our dream living and working amongst one of natures most lovable and entertaining animals.

Angersleigh Alpacas also offer Alpacas for sale, we usually have a small selection of lovable pet males, along with good quality breeding stock available, all at competitive prices with something to meet most budgets.

Please note ; No VAT payable on Sales or Services.

Please see our “alpacas for sale” page for some of our current listings, or alternatively email us or give us a call, we are always happy to talk alpaca, and as not all our animals are listed we may have exactly what you are looking for…

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07901 683802, 07731 545562  Phone or text

Alternatively email, angersleighalpacas@gmail.com

I want an Alpaca!

Alpacas are by their very nature extremely addictive, most of today’s breeders probably started their alpaca adventure by purchasing a few pet alpacas so as to enjoy these soulful creatures close at hand.

But please be warned. once you are bitten by the Alpaca bug, your life may never be he same ever again! You may be tempted to visit shows, perhaps even enter your Alpaca in the ring, you may even decide to breed, so you can enjoy the thrill of having your very own young cria. Wherever your Alpaca experience may lead, those first tentative steps may turn out to be more important than you first imagined.

Buying your first Alpacas.

Its important to do as much research as you can, and visit as many Breeders as you can. its also very important to establish a close working relationship with your chosen breeder, as you will need their support and help to give you the confidence to carry out the few necessary husbandry tasks needed to keep your alpacas in tip top condition.

Angersleigh Alpacas offer all new owners full husbandry training and full back up and support for the first 12 months.

Which Alpacas make the best pets?

Young males are usually the most widely available, they are great fun and usually have very inquisitive natures. ideally, the young males should be castrated, and halter trained, and if possible already hand feeding. Young males are usually more readily available as only a very small percentage of males are considered good enough to make the grade of Stud male.

You may also come across a range of females being offered for sale, these may be non breeding, or older ones that are no longer in the breeding plan. these can also make excellent pets, though its important to ensure they are used to being handled, and have not spent their life in a field avoiding human contact.

You may also find breeders that offer a complete package, of females and an unrelated stud male. Males and females must be kept in separate paddocks as the males, even castrated ones, will bother the females unmercifully for repeated mating opportunities potentially leading to infection and internal injury of the female. The purchase of a stud is a huge decision and not one to be taken lightly. Getting the right stud for your females requires a lot of research and in the early years it is often advisable to purchase stud services from an established breeder which will give you access to a much wider genetic base and will require a smaller investment while you work out what is going to work best for your circumstances.

Lastly, please remember, Alpacas are herd animals, and so cannot live happily on their own and  ideally the smallest number you should consider is 3 of the same sex,

Your choice on finding a reputable breeder will be crucial  to help guide you through the possible pitfalls and ensure you are happy with your new alpacas and that your alpacas are happy with you.

What to expect at Angersleigh Alpacas.

Our Alpaca journey started in 2009, and we are still learning.

Today we are striving for the  continuous improvement of our herd for both quality Fawn and White and anything in between with each seasons cria being an improvement on the last. Although as any breeder will tell you, alpacas do not always stick to the script and any of the 22 recognised colours could unexpectedly land at your feet!

Meet the Boys!

Quality Studs are without doubt the most expensive Alpaca purchase you will ever make. so unless you have a herd large enough to justify this expense it may make more sense to choose a mating from a quality stud of your choice from an established breeder.

Fowberry Brigadier.

you can read more abut these boys on their stud page, but in brief, he is an absolute stunner and he knows it!


This boy has given us some absolutely stunning cria, being  a small breeder we only produce 8 or so cria a year, believing in  quality over quantity. One of Brigadiers first Cria Below, won the Fawn Fleece championship at the Heart of England in 2019, which is possibly the 2nd largest alpaca fleece show in Europe.


Above Angersleigh Jenny Wren, Brigadiers first female Cria, who bears an uncanny resemblance to her Side.

The new Boy…. Beck Brow Gee Whizz

He was only picked up on the 23rd of March 2020, the day before lockdown!


I guess his photo says more about him than I can, other than to say he has an amazing genetic background and we are really looking forward to putting this fantastic boy over some of our lovely light and fawn females this summer.


Gee Whizz certainly has a championship winning fleece, though he wont be available for outside mating’s during 2020.

Which then brings us to Furze Park Polaris


Polaris has a gorgeous soft well organised fleece, he also carries a lot of colour, so we are very hopeful this boy will add some marvellous traits to our herd.


Polaris had his first cria last summer, what a stunner.


Angersleigh Baron, has the most superb fleece, but it’s his poise and elegance that really capture your eye as he  struts around the paddock as if it’s his kingdom.

Meet some of the Cria…


Above, some of Cambridge Buckinghams 2018 daughters.


Some more 2018 cria.


For the more experienced breeder / owner, we also offer a selection of stud males for both sale or service, along with quality females all chosen from top Australian bloodlines.


Whatever, your Alpaca needs, Angersleigh Alpacas are well placed to help you.

Please call or email us to discuss your requirements.