Angersleigh Alpacas

Taking down barriers…

For quite a small herd, we do hold a surprising amount of stud males, 7 in all, which can be quite an overhead in terms of the paddocks / maintenance needed.

Our boys, are all without exception true to form ‘macho’ males, and like nothing better than strutting their stuff along fence-lines in an attempt to dominate the other boys in adjoining paddocks.

With each paddock holding two males, who by and large got on together as well as can be expected life was on the whole relatively peaceful, yes there was an occasional evening when things may have gotten a little tense judging by the banshee wailing and screaming coming from Mav and Ollie’s paddock which incidentally, always resulted in Ollie being found covered in green camouflage the next Morning.

Yes Mav & Ollie were the archetypal Macho’ male’s, but so too are Fire Storm and Saracen, followed closely by the two likely lads Luther and Acquittal. surely there was no way these hooligans could ever be brought peaceably together?

Well that was our intention – so one fine Morning we opened the gates and introduced Luther & Acquittal to Fire Storm & Saracen, they knew each other well from encounters over the fence so they were hardly strangers, but we were at the ready to get them out quick should it all ‘kick off’

Who would have thought it, they were more interested in each others paddocks than the interlopers that had just encroached on their territory. Later that day, they did all meet up there was the usual sniffing and play barging, then peace was restored and they just got on with the regular day to day business of being a small herd.

With several weeks now passed, and peace being the order of the day, we started toying with the slightly mad  idea of opening Mav & Ollie’s gate, now this gate also had extra security, fitted there was no way we wanted these two hoodlums making their merry way into the other paddocks unsupervised.

Still they would all meet up at the gate and all spend time laying up next each other with just a fence to keep them separated.

Then that fateful day came, and that gate, their last defence was eventually breached – and the gate was opened, once again we were at the ready, but as before, their only interest was exploring each others paddocks.

Now here we are several weeks later, and we are very pleased to say, there has been no fighting, no scream filled evenings – just six boys enjoying each others company on the peaceful Somerset levels…


Mav and Ollie holding an open day for their friends in their bijou former residence with inside bathroom and great views across open farm land…

Stop press; Mav & Ollie have now taken residence in ‘Alpaca mansions’ with their friends, again it has an inside bathroom, room service, great views, and room to swing a cat should one ever have the temerity to pass through their residence again…

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