Worth the wait

June is heralded in with bird song and sweltering hot days and we are now officially on ‘Cria watch’. We have at long last entered the last phase and are well and truly inside the ‘birthing window’ so excitement once again fills our paddocks.

This year Florence a 3 year old dark brown maiden decided to go first, though to be fair this probably came as a bigger surprise to Florence than it did to us.

She was a star though, no dramatics no fuss, just a nice clean easy birth, resulting in a stunning 7 kg brown male.

Florence is a lovely quiet girl who comes from an established line of good mothers, who raise strong healthy cria, to us these are as important as any other traits you may care to mention.

Renegade her new-born, carries genetics from Wessex Cosmos, Tulaco Centurion, and Dovecote Jaquinto, from Mum, and Jolimont Commisario, NWA Ltd Ruffo. and Peruvian Caesar courtesy of his sire Wellground Maverick.


Not to be outdone by Florence’s star performance, two days later, Valley Alpacas Honey decided to put all her weight behind a big solo effort resulting in the birth of a massive 10.1 kg white female, again no dramatics, another nice clean and easy birth, for reference its often me who provides the dramatics…


So far so good…

Well, almost, call me old fashioned, but in Gary’s world, if you put a dark fawn male over a medium fawn female, you should have every right to expect, nay, demand a fawn off-spring?

Still muttering but slowly moving on…

Miss Marple, a dazzling blinding whiter than white female, carries genetics from Silverstream Czar, Cambridge Ice Cool Lad, and Peruvian Caesar from Mum, with the Sire, dark fawn Wellground Luther (the colour blind scamp), contributing more Silverstream Czar, Jolimont Conquistador, Jolimont Commisario, and more Peruvian Caesar.

Here’s hoping the rest of the births are as stress free. Juno hope you’re listening as you should be next !!!













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