Freedom for the Angersleigh two

For what seems like an eternity myself and Jude have stayed at home on cria watch duty, slowly but surely, our patience has been rewarded with the slow succession of new beautiful cria.

So now the harvest is safely in, Mothers and Cria all doing well, we can go off on joint outings to Mole valley, and Salisbury’s – Yes life is good and back to normal.

But what of the Cria…

Well, Florence started the ball rolling presenting us with a nice brown male whom we have called Renegade.



Florence is the daughter of CME Herodotus, and Renegades Sire is Wellground Maverick. Born on the 12/06/17 he weighed in at 7 kg. His fleece is just starting to show signs of character similar to his Sire.

Next up was Valley Alpacas Honey with little Miss Marple, who weighed in at 10.1 kg, our heaviest cria ever at that point


Miss Marple has Silverstream Czar and Wellground Tchaikovsky as grand sires.

Next on was Angersleigh Juno, a white CME Herodotus daughter, who gave us 6.6 kg  Captain Jack. on 24/06/17


His Sire is Wellground Acquittal, who is cram full of top Australian genetics, so its no surprise his fleece is already exhibiting extreme brightness, great density and good length.

Valley Alpacas Ghillie, a Valley Alpacas Diplomat daughter and possibly our best girl, was next to deliver her offering Sired by EP Cambridge Buckingham.


Now her birth should have been accompanied with trumpets and a drum roll, as she really is something special. in fact we were so delighted we have repeated the mating. Angersleigh Amber weighed in at 9.4kg

Burridge Elektra, an LMFI Peruvian Dynamics daughter, was next presenting us with a lovely male cria Angersleigh Apollo who weighed in at 7kg


Apollos sire is Wellground Olympic Legend, who in turn was sired by EP Cambridge Samson and has both Spartacus and Commisario as grandparents.

Angersleigh Crumble was not to be out done, as she conjured up a lovely little vanilla fudge coloured male at 8.9kgs called Angersleigh Griffin, again, great fleece – well done Humble Crumble.

Griffin was sired by Wellground Luther


Last but not least, with the help of the vet, a trainee vet, myself and Jude, Willowbrook Isabella a Snowmass Sizlin Hot Daughter, eventually gave birth to the Mighty Angersleigh Horace Ironshirt. weighing in at a huge 10.5 kgs!


Horace Ironshirts Sire is Furze Park Saracen, (Telstars full brother) a Jolimont Commisario grandson. Horace might only be ‘chillin’ at the moment, but he’s one we certainly have our eye on.

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