In our experience…

New ventures can of course look somewhat daunting, they certainly need careful planning, but once you get over the what ifs and a few other imponderables, it can all begin to look doable.

So after much planning the day arrived and the gates to Angersleigh Alpacas were well and truly  ‘flung’ open, and we are now welcoming guests from far and wide onto the farm to find out for themselves everything alpaca.

Bio-security is of course paramount, so guests are asked to dip their feet before stepping onto the farm and again when they leave. Shoe covers are made available for those who may not have suitable shoes for dipping! Then once on the farm the introduction begins.

To help with this we often look upon the services of ‘Bluey’ and his gang of teenage boys to demonstrate how truly appealing an alpaca can be, they never fail to entertain and like nothing better than stepping into the limelight, eating from the hand and perhaps giving an occasional cuddle.


For us this also a great opportunity to meet with some lovely people, talk ‘alpaca’ and share  both our enthusiasm and knowledge with others who are probably meeting alpacas for the first time. Though for our guests I’m sure their moment of excitement comes when they are handed the lead rope for their alpaca, for the first time, and between stroking and hand feeding they get to lead their alpaca around the farm.

On route we meet up with their alpaca friends and of course this time of year the young cria, some of which are just days old. often get caught up in the excitement and love to run and pronk alongside the fence.


After the walk, we like to spend some time  in the mothers and Cria paddock quietly sitting waiting for the most adventurous or curious cria to come over to check us out.

Then lastly, we like to visit our males paddocks where we introduce the stud males to our guests, the boys love the attention so often run over to be hand fed.

Sometimes people will visit because they have thought about alpaca ownership, and see this as their first tentative step, and we are always happy to advise. On other occasions people come just because they love the look of alpacas and want to get closer and learn a little about them.

Visitor photo.jpg

To date, we have had guests from far and wide, young and old, and with differing  abilities and we try to work within each persons capabilities to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable alpaca experience to remember,

In fact we have enjoyed the experience so much ourselves,  we have decided to stay open all year round, weather permitting.

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