2019 Alpaca Bakeoff.

We never intended to become big breeders, for us it’s more about enjoying both our retirement and our alpacas, settling for quality over quantity you might say.

Of course as with most things breeding alpacas is a numbers game, as it’s easier to pick a showteam from 100 new born Cria than from a population of say 10.

So, to breed a successful show team from smaller numbers takes a bit of luck, good genetics, and correct phenotype.

If we start with the, stud we need good character, correct phenotype I,e, compact, solid frame, exceptional conformation, carrying a dense, fine fleece with low SD, and as the stud can only inject 50% of the genes, we need breeding females, that have similar qualities.

And what about colour? We decided to build fawn on a white base, which means you can never be sure what colour the Cria will be, but then that’s part of the fun in breeding, nature has its own pallet, and the results can often be quite unexpected.

But phenotype is only part of the package, next there’s genotype in particular what characteristics are prominent, desirable and repeatable, there is no golden bullet, no exact formula, and no guarantee that the breeding animals can recreate the desired outcome from their own basket of genetics with any certainty

Genetics or genotype  are also a major factor, I’m sure we all have our favourite breeding lines, and from these we overlay the building blocks to the new generation. Our herd has benefited greatly by careful use of animals exhibiting similar characteristics, bred from strong Australian genetics, with proven qualities.

So our philosophy in a nutshell; if you breed from the best you have, you should fingers crossed produce improvement with each successive generation.

We have two main herd sires, Wellground Maverick, who produces a marked improvement on fleece style and density, and Fowberry Brigadier, whom to date  has given huge improvements over density, fineness, and SD, in fact if anyone should ever find that elusive golden bullet, I would perhaps not be too surprised if it had Brigadiers name emblazoned right across it in big bold letters!

The females in our breeding herd are also a huge improvement over the herd we started with, sharing many comparable traits and similar genetics, with our studs.

And lastly, nutrition  never skimp on nutrition, as these form the building blocks for creating strong healthy fit alpacas with luxurious fleeces.

So there’s the ingredients, of course the proof of the pudding is often in the eating, so let’s meet the latest offerings from our genetic cookbook in this year’s bakeoff.


Dam ; Valley Ghillie Sire; Fowberry Brigadier.

Above, Angersleigh Gaia.


Dam; Burridge Dalili, Sire; Wellground Maverick

Above Angersleigh Vanilla.


Dam; Angersleigh Flower, Sire; Fowberry brigadier.

Above; Angersleigh Fiorella


Dam; Angersleigh Crystal, Sire; Fowberry Brigadier.

Above; Angersleigh Pandora.


Dam; Valley Jedda, Sire; Furze Park Polaris.

Above; Angersleigh Baron.


Dam; Angersleigh Tickety Boo, Sire; Wellground Maverick.

Above; Angersleigh First Lady.


Dam; Valley Jacaranda. Sire; Cambridge Buckingham.

Above; Angersleigh Buckshot.

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