PART 1 : The year that was…

2020 was a very strange year, first we had the Covid lockdown, which would have affected everybody to some or other degree, however, as we very rarely leave the farm we were perhaps a lot luckier than most.

Though as a consequence Agricultural shows were cancelled, face masks had to be worn when out shopping. and if by chance you inadvertently strayed too close to another shopper they would at first stare at you and then hiss excitedly if you didn’t back off pretty darn quickly. But at home things stayed much the same. Our first real challenge came when due to inclement weather our hay had to be cut and baled at the end of May which led to our first ever shortfall, though on the bright side the hay was probably the most protein rich sweetest hay the alpacas have ever tasted.

Which then led us nicely up to birthing season, initially we were expecting 9 births, but due to a surge in sales, we were left with just one female, and four male cria. Slim pickings you might say, but although small in number these cria were straight out of the top drawer, yes Fowberry Brigadier had once again excelled, passing on his finest genetic lineage to our herd here at Angersleigh Alpacas.

So without further ado here they are:

Starting with our one female we have Angersleigh Lola, full sister to Angersleigh Gaia 2020 SWAG champion fawn fleece.

Shes has an amazingly soft fleece, with good handle and Brigadiers now signatory crimp and pencil staples. She has an endearing flash of white on her nose but has no white fibres running through her fawn blanket. Her Dam is Valley Alpacas Ghillie, a Diplomat daughter, and a successful show winner in her own right.

Lola is going to be a fantastic addition to our breeding herd.


Then we have Angerlseigh Snow king, whose managed to completely trash his very first fleece through over indulgence in outdoor pursuits. Again his sire is Fowberry Brigadier, and his dam is Angersleigh Tickety Boo a solid white Supreme Champion, hence his lighter appearance which I suspect might actually be a light. We are really looking forward to getting our hands on his next fleece and he will be staying with us until we can properly assess his breeding potential.

Followed by:

He’s Certainly one we have our eye on.

Angerseigh Forged in Fire, who is camera shy and hides himself in the middle of his brothers. His Sire is Fowberry Brigadier and his dam is Angersleigh Romy, a Wellground Maverick Daughter who brings in a wealth of top Australian genetics. like his brother and sister his fleece exhibits superb density, its beautifully soft to the touch,and opens to reveal the most exquisite crimp in his tightly packed staples. we have our eye on this fella!

And here we have the Great Angersleigh Nacho, a Wellground Maverick Son, and he’s absolutely stunning and has a wonderful character – if I could bring him indoors with me I would. There’s nothing more to say about him really as he’s such a star in the making, and I will go on hunger strike if Jude ever tries to sell him!

Last but not least, we have Angersleigh Oliver, a Furze park Polaris son, out of a CME Paris daughter, hes not quite the density of the other cria but does have the most amazing fleece structure, he’s the undisputed pack leader, and the others follow him everywhere, whether he likes it or not.

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