About us

We are Judith a chartered accountant and husband Gary a compliance manager, we bought our first 3 pet Alpacas when we lived at Angersleigh near Taunton.

Like most alpaca breeders we started small with a few pregnant females as pets, our interest soon grew as we began showing our off spring and enjoying  the friendly competitiveness of the show ring. Very soon we realised to seriously compete you need to source the very best genetic base for your herd.

We have now given up our day jobs, and are enjoying our retirement keeping alpacas on our 15 acres using genetics from arguably some of the worlds best alpacas. Our aim is to use our mainly white base herd to produce white and fawn alpacas that will be able to compete at the highest level.

Our leading herd sire was EP Cambridge Buckingham, an imported white male sired by Jolimont Commisario over a NWA Ltd Ruffo dam, his progeny to date include Champions, Supreme Champions and an International Champion. Sadly Bucks passed away peacefully Dec 2018. His legacy though is still with us, with his dynasty going from strength to strength, through his daughters.


Above, Cambridge Buckingham in his prime.


Above, a photo of some Cambridge Buckingham daughters, each one a living testiment to Bucky.


We take the health of our Alpacas very seriously. Above, Maverick is shown having some blood taken for the enferplex test.








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