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10th May 2022

Today we traveled down to Classical Mile End Alpacas, and collected Appledene Commander in chief.

We’ve long envied his fleece traits particularly his fine micron, low SD and soft handle which he passes onto his progeny. We are really excited by these characteristics, and feel he’s the ideal boy to complement both Brigadier and Gee Whizz.

23rd December 2020

We decided to enter Fowberry Brigadiers 5th Fleece in the Northern Fleece Show in the 48 – 72 month category. Because Brigadier is still producing the most amazing fine dense fleece with high amplitude crimp in beautifully structured pencil staples. To our delight he won reserve Champion and judges choice, against very strong competition.

Best of all though Brigadier is passing all these positive traits along with his great temperament to his off spring. As we only breed a small number of Cria each year Brigadier may never reach his full potential as one of the alpaca industries best known prolific elite studs. But his hit rate for producing fawn champions here at angersleigh alpacas is outstanding nontheless.

18th September 2020

I’m really pleased to announce Angersleigh Gaia came 1st and won the fawn championship at the 2020 SWAG fleece show.


She is following in her champion sister Jenny Wrens footsteps. This year we were spoilt for choice as we couldn’t decide who’s fleece to send as both Fiorella and Pandoras fleece are equal in quality to Gaia’s in our eyes. To-date, we cannot fault the input Foberry Brigadier is having on our fawn breeding program, as all his daughters are carrying the most exquisite dense fine fleece, and can compete at the highest level for championships.

6th May 2020

Shearing day at Angersleigh alpacas.

All the alpacas had been brought into the barns overnight ready for their big day!


Once the shearing had began, they all huddled in a corner hoping they would forgotten, only a few brave youngsters came nearer, probably wondering what all the fuss was about.


Colin is a very experienced shearer, and with his helper Steve they very quickly removed the fleece, and  were returned to their paddocks, where they very quickly forgot all about their ordeal, and quietly grazed in the warm spring sun.


23rd March 2020

Gee Whizz, our new wonder Stud!

Today I set off to collect our newly purchased stud male,  from Beck brow alpacas.


We’ve been after a champion stud male from Beck brow for quite some time. And Gee Whizz certainly met with our expectations. His pedigree is outstanding, and his gorgeous dense  soft handling fleece exemplifies all the characteristics demanded in a champion of his stature.


Gee Whizz will not be available for outside stud work during 2020

9th May 19

The North Somerset show 2019.

We took a small show team to the NSS and was very pleased how well the youngsters performed. Especially after their debut at the Heart of England show, where they decided to bunny hop into the ring, and dance about on their hind legs, making judging almost impossible, so a big thank you to the judge for her perseverance.

Results were very similar at the NSS but the crias were much better behaved, especially King Arthur, who looked very regal in his head collar, and showed real presence in the ring, in fact he was so comanding he took the light colour championship. In the face of very stiff competition, including the light colour champion of this years National show. So well done Arty boy, and well done Wellground Maverick, his sire.


4th June 18

bTB testing at Angersleigh Alpacas.

Today we tested a group of 7 alpacas for bTB using the enferplex method. This group was made up of our stud males and a few younger boys who will be heading off to a new home.



The chute was ready for its first customer.


Maverick was first up


All calm in the waiting room .

20th May

To date this year has been very productive, last year’s cria are all doing well with one little brown boy looking very promising, as his fleece is possibly the best brown fleece we have seen,  his sire is our stud Maverick who seems to be passing on his fantastic fleece traits to his off spring.


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