Fowberry Brigadier – Medium Fawn Stud

Fowberry Brigadier, born in 2015, is sired by Fowberry Nobility who is a Multi Supreme Champion who has also sired many champions. His dam is Fowberry Melina, who’s 5th fleece was 22.4 microns 4.1S D and 96.5 CF. These qualities have been imparted to Brigadier who has solid, correct conformation, with a bright, dense, well organised fleece exhibiting both  fineness and excellent handle. 

Great Genetics certainly do breed success, proof of which is Brigadiers 5th Fleece, which has just Recently won 1st and Reserve Champion and Judges Choice at the highly competitive Northern Fleece Show, with a score of 85.5 the third highest score  of the Show.

Brigadier has now also proven his ability to stamp his quality onto his offspring. Currently we have only shown two of his daughters, and both have won their class and colour championships. Brigadier is certainly starting to make a name for himself.


Brigadiers show results.


1st Fleece, 17.5 Micron, 3.5 SD 100 CF

2nd Fleece 19.5 Micron, 4.5 SD, 97.6 CF

4th Fleece 22 Micron, 4.4 SD, 94.1 CF

5th Fleece 22.1 Micron 4.5 SD, 94.7 CF

Briggers ped.jpg


Stud Services -NO VAT

Mobile £550, On farm drive by £500 

Please see terms and conditions below.

Stud services terms & condition’s

Mobile service – by arrangement we will transport the male to your female for the service, a mileage charge of £0.75 per mile will apply.

Drive by service -by arrangement you transport your female to our ‘visitors’ bio secure mating pen.

If after the service has been carried out the female does not become pregnant, or loses their pregnancy, the stud service will remain valid for a repeat mating.

We provide a three day ‘live cria’ guarantee. Should your cria not survive this period we will offer a return service at no charge (mileage not included)


stud fees

 A special 50% discount will apply for females purchased from Angersleigh Alpacas. This offer is non transferable.

Brigadiers Cria 2018

20200120_164833Above Angersleigh Jenny Wren –  her resemblance to her Sire is uncanny.


Fleece Stats:    1st Fleece.   14.2 Micron, 3.2 SD 100% CF for 10 month Fleece. This Fleece won 1st Jnr and Champion Fawn at the Prestigious 2019 HoE Fleece Show, beating very strong competition.


Some of Brigadiers 2019 Crop of Cria…


Above Angersleigh Gaia. Dam Valley Alpacas Ghillie, Solid White.

Update: Gaia’s first fleece was entered in the highly competitive 2020  SWAG Fleece show, and came 1st and Fawn Champion.



Above Angersleigh Gaia 1st Fleece, Mid Fawn, gorgeous soft Handling bright, fleece, fine with excellent density.


Above Angerseigh Pandora, Dam Angersleigh Crystal, solid light.

20200515_133448 (2)

Above Angersleigh Pandora 1st Fleece, dark Fawn, gorgeous soft Handling bright, fleece, fine with excellent density with the now distinctive Brigadier type staple.


Above Angersleigh Fiorella, full sibling to Jenny Wren, Dam Angersleigh Flower Girl, Solid light.


Above Angersleigh Fiorella 1st Fleece very well organised, its fine, dense, great handle, with Brigadiers now signatory staple style.

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